Much needed rest....check!

I took a three week break from the shoppe, and it was very necessary. It's the first break I have ever taken from it, in fact. Whenever I take a trip for more days than the number of days I promise to fulfill orders, I pack some inventory and shipping supplies and ship from wherever I am. Being a person who does not handle stress well (I am working on that!) means that my body has been aching from muscle tension for a year. Covid, a mortgage refinancing, a major kitchen renovation that is still in limbo thanks to the new normal brought on by Covid, my hubby being very unavailable while he works on his Master's degree, three non-Covid-related deaths in my extended family since October, and then the regular everyday stress of life has sometimes made me feel as if it isn't possible to carry on. But we don't really get that choice, do we?

In response, I took a break, I started a yoga practice, and I have been trying to learn to accept what I cannot change. Boy, is that an awful lot of stuff to accept. My brain is learning faster than my body, which still responds by holding muscles in a state of tension. That's where the yoga comes in! According to my chosen YouTube yogi, "we come to the mat to have an experience in our bodies"....and I am experiencing the realization that if I want to teach my body to respond to stress better, I have to train it to recognize when it is tense and what a state of ease feels like. I'm enjoying it actually. It's the part of the day when I feel best mentally, emotionally, and physically - right after yoga practice.

So. Here's a shot of my current kitchen, all ready to be torn apart and made new. I am an avid cook. I make most everything from scratch, and you can hardly imagine the mounting excitement and anticipation I feel while I wait for this project to get completed!

If you want to see progression photos, follow me on Instagram; otherwise I will post the finished pictures here in a future blog post.

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