About Willamina's


Willamina's is a tiny little one-woman operation, and I am excited to call it my own. I'm located in the beautiful Bluegrass Region of Kentucky, and my studio is a loft space that used to serve as the base of operations for homeschooling my children, who are now grown.  Sometimes it's hard to believe it, but my bags have been shipped to 46 US states and 18 other countries so far!  I find that so cool that I keep a scratch-off world map in my studio to keep track. 


I got started with an Etsy shop offering my stitched creations, bags, bibs, and quilted items.  My best seller was an eclectic-looking drawstring cosmetic bag inspired by Hermione Granger's beaded bag in the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows movies.  I had drafted a pattern and made them for my daughter, niece, sister and myself, and thought others might like them.  After getting several custom requests for purple ones with tassels, I decided to close that Etsy shop and open a new one that focused on bags.  

Although Willamina's is still on Etsy, my creativity needed another outlet, (and my personality needed more control without limitations).  So, I built this website and plan to expand my offerings.  When you buy here, I save Etsy fees and you get to support small business independence!  I have had a blast learning about all the things I needed to know about branding, marketing, graphic design and websites, but my favorite part is the sewing!  

To keep everything safe and secure for my customers, orders are processed by Square or PayPal and the only part of your information I see is your shipping address.  If you have any questions or problems, please don't hesitate to use the chat feature; it goes straight to my phone like a text, so I will answer right away or very soon.  

I hope you enjoy your visit and have a blessed day!